World Cuisine Courses

Working with over 20 different chefs, there are a variety of cuisines which are covered. Because of this, world cuisine is the perfect way to describe some of our courses. Our world cuisine chefs are all specialists in their areas of expertise. Because of this, they are the perfect candidates for showing you how to perfect your world cuisine cookery skills. From Indian to Italian, we have courses to cover plenty of favourite dishes from different regions.

If you’re ready to learn more on one of our world cuisine courses, join us today. Book online or call us for more information.


Learn how to master many Malaysian cooking traditions and skills which are perfect for cooking tasty Malaysian dishes. If you like world cuisine, then this course is for you.

A masterclass in Indian cooking under the expert guidance of Indian cookery tutor Nidhi to develop your skills whilst making a range of delicious indian dishes

Join us for a day to expand your culinary repertoire, from rich and hearty Indian curries to fragrant, coconut curries from Thailand, Jamaica and more.  This curry course is an excellent introduction to the rich global variety of spiced dishes.

Join Andrew Kojima, 2012 MasterChef finalist as he teaches the art of the wonderful Japanese cuisine. This wonderful world cuisine is perfect for those who want to explore the many culinary options available.

A one day vegetarian and vegan cookery course learning how to balance and blend spices throughout a range of different Indian dishes.  This course with leading Pakistani chef Sumayya Usmani includes biryani, curries, flatbreads, Indian chutneys and seasonal vegetable dishes. 

Cook Different Cuisines

Many of our chefs have travelled in their earlier years, meaning they have a broad knowledge of a variety of countries culinary differences.

If you’re in love with the country of Spain, why not join Jenny Chandler as she teaches Spanish classics. You can then transpire the secrets to the delicious Spanish food. Jenny also teaches Middle Eastern cuisine, which is perfect for those who want to learn this cuisine which is growing in popularity.

If you’re a lover of Indian cuisine, then we have a variety of Indian and South Asian courses for you. This includes perfecting your curries with Sumayya Usmani & enhancing your Indian cookery skills with Rayeesa Asghar-Sandys. You’ll learn to create some tasty dishes, whichever course you choose.

Guidance From Specialist Chefs

Seasoned’s specialist chefs will happily answer any of your questions and ensure that you leave the cookery school happy to recreate the dishes and techniques at home. To learn more about cookery around the world, make sure you book now to ask all your undying questions.

With a variety of well-known chefs, our courses get booked up quickly, so contact us now on 01283 711 681 to avoid disappointment and find the right course for you. You can also contact us on