BBQ Cooking Courses

Seasoned offer a range of courses which teach skills and techniques perfect for outdoor cooking. We are delighted to be one of only a handful of cookery schools around the UK to be approved to host Weber BBQ’s Grill Academy courses. Our range of courses with Weber showcase gorgeous fish dishes to American cuisine and delicious desserts – you’ll be surprised at how much you can cook on your barbecue when you attend one of our Weber BBQ courses.

We also have our Outdoor Cookery course and there are various Seasoned courses held in the summer which showcase BBQ techniques like Best of British Meat. Please check the recipes for your chosen date.

Do you think you could spice up your cookery by taking one of our bbq courses? Get in touch with the Seasoned team for more information.


This one day British meat masterclass is a celebration of the best of British meat.

Learn how to cook with wood, charcoal and the embers of the fire on this outdoor cookery course.  Led by Tim Maddams this course will appeal to anyone who likes to BBQ and is looking for a fresh approach to outside cooking.

Seasoned are delighted to be one of only a handful of cookery schools around the UK to be approved to host Weber BBQ's Grill Academy courses. They provide us with all the recipes and content, not to mention the all important BBQ equipment.

Learn how to make delicious dishes using a Weber charcoal barbecue. You will learn basic skills such as lighting the BBQ and temperature control, alongside creating six tasty dishes.

This Seafood course is perfect for those wanting to learn to how cook seafood perfectly on a barbecue. You will learn how to perfect your fish skills whilst enhancing all the vibrant flavours of some beautiful fish.

Weber Approved Barbecue Cooking Classes

When you’ve selected the course for you, follow the link which will take you to the Weber website. You’ll find all the details of the dates and timings of the course. We look forward to hosting you on the day, but the course will be held by Weber./p>

Learn New Skills On A Barbecue Course

These courses are ideal for anyone who really wants to get the most out of their Weber BBQ. On every course, you’ll cook a wide variety of foods using a variety of methods and pieces of Weber kit. You could learn any of the following skills on a Weber course:

  • How to use your BBQ to cook seafood
  • How to make delicious American style food
  • Cook stunning cuts of meat
  • The science of the barbecue, including temperature control and lighting techniques
  • How to know when your food is perfectly done
  • Skills and knowledge directly from industry experts

You can learn how to cook everything from low ‘n’ slow smoked brisket through to pizzas. At the end of each course, you’ll be amazed at the sheer variety of dishes that you can produce on your Weber. You can book a place on this course through our website, or call up to make a booking.

**Please note, Seasoned gift vouchers cannot be redeemed on Weber barbecue courses, but they can be redeemed on any other course which Seasoned has to offer**