About Tim Maddams

Tim is a writer, TV presenter, private chef and cookery teacher, with particular expertise in game. He is perhaps most famous for leading the River Cottage team at Axminster. Tim has also appeared on high profile shows such as BBC Food and Drink, and Sunday Brunch on Channel 4. He has written numerous newspaper columns, and he also published the compendious foodie bible known as ‘The River Cottage A-Z’.

He has written numerous articles for newspapers and magazines, from Shooting Times to The Ecologist. Tim also published the compendious foodie bible known as ‘The River Cottage A-Z’, as well as the “River Cottage Game Handbook”.

Tim teaches two courses at Seasoned, covering his love of game and also artisan foods, wild food and foraging. These are always action-packed days, as Tim is a highly energetic and engaging teacher. His courses here at Seasoned are always very popular, with our guests leaving with full stomachs, and some fascinating stories from Tim as well.

Join our Forage & Feast course.

Learn how to cook locally sourced game with former River Cottage head chef, Tim Maddams on this one day game cookery course.

Join Tim Maddams for a meat masterclass, as he teaches the art of cooking delicious dishes with under utilised cuts of meat. Tim's wealth of knowledge will leave you with the confidence to cook meats which are outside of the norm.

Rated 5.00 out of 5
Join ex River Cottage Head Chef Tim Maddams for an exciting day learning new skills that you can use with different ingredients throughout the year.  Learn how to create bread, cheese, pasta & the basics of hot smoking.