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Team Baking Day

The Team Baking Day is the perfect baking team building activity for a team who are looking for a fun day to build moral, confidence and rapport together. It involves colleagues baking in pairs and small groups in the morning and creating a memorable showstopper challenge as a large group in the afternoon.

You will enjoy lunch that you will have created throughout the course of the day, as well as taking an impressive bake home to share with friends and family.  If you are looking for a fun & memorable baking team building day our 'Team Baking Day' will certainly deliver.

A typical Team Baking Day may include: 

- Savoury Chelsea Buns with spinach, feta, sundried tomatoes and herbs for you to enjoy for lunch

- Normandy apple tart - all the tricks & tips for perfect pastry and no soggy bottoms

- A 'perfect choux pastry challenge' - perfect for challenging your teams creative side!  We will work with you to create a memorable challenge that is personalised to your team and your company.

The day can be tailored around your timings and your teams objectives. This day can also include technical challenges or judging should you want to make it a more competitive day!

Key outcomes from the Team Baking Day:

A fun and inspiring team building idea

- Helps individuals build confidence

- Build rapport in teams

- Creates confident teams

- Develops listening and communication skills

- Teams work together towards a 'showstopper challenge' a fun & memorable event

About your chef:

If dates allow, a baking celebrity chef will lead your baking team building day (we will tell you whether this is a possibility when booking). All of our baking chefs are passionate about baking and have all been rewarded for their passion through their appearances on TV and through their book writing. 

What Meningitis Now said about their Team Baking Day experience

"The Team Baking Day is a great idea.  From a team point of view, the baking day has definitely brought us together, especially integrating people who work remotely, away from head office.

It has been really good to get to know people on a different level through competition, getting to know colleagues as actual people rather than just ‘work people’.”

Meningitis Now - Team leader

Find out what other companies said about the 'Team Baking Day' in our short video below:

Please call +44 (0)1283 810275 or e-mail info@seasonedcourses.com for a bespoke baking team building proposal. 

Course Information:

Most full day courses run from 10:00am until 4:00pm 

If different, this will be stated on the course page

Lunch & refreshments throughout the day are provided


We will take care of the washing up so you can enjoy the day

Free on site parking is available.

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