If you’ve dabbled in cheese making at home and are ready to move on to something a bit more advanced, this could be the day for you. Join cheese expert Louise Talbot for a one-day masterclass learning how to make camembert, feta and edam cheeses in a simple and delicious way.

If you’ve always wanted to produce your own cheese at home, join cheese expert Louise Talbot, for a one-day cheese making course which will enable you to make simple cheeses at home in your own kitchen.

A fantastic one day course to introduce you to how to hot and cold smoke meat and fish at home under the expert guidance of Turan Turan.

Learn how to cook with wood, charcoal and the embers of the fire on this outdoor cookery course.  Led by Tim Maddams this course will appeal to anyone who likes to BBQ and is looking for a fresh approach to outside cooking.

Seasoned are proud to be hosting a free Life Kitchen cookery course for people living with cancer, focusing on delicious food and giving people at difficult times.