About Sara Danesin Medio

A Masterchef finalist in 2011, Sara is known for her expertise in exceptional Italian food.

“My cooking is a celebration of both my heritage and the wonderful local produce that this country has on offer. It is about communicating both my passion and my skills using simple, fresh ingredients, skilful presentation and a twist of creativity.”

Whether cooking in a professional kitchen or teaching home cooks, Sara blends her Italian heritage with modern cooking techniques. Her dishes are stylish and appealing. She has led Italian cooking courses with Seasoned for the past five years, touching the hearts and stomachs of hundreds of our guests. We are delighted to welcome her back to lead this Masterchef Cookery Experience Day.

We look forward to seeing Sara’s challenges, as we know her standards are high. She is a believer in a professional presentation with a dash of creativity. The hints and tips you get from her will definitely help you to push your cooking and presentation onto another level.

Originally from Italy, Sara now lives in York, where she runs a very successful Italian dining club – Sara@St John’s. She is one of triplets and both her sisters still live in Italy, where Sara is a frequent visitor.  These trips keep her in touch with the Italian food scene and wonderful Italian produce. She brings all that knowledge and expertise to her classes, focusing on skills that easily transfer to the home kitchen.

Learn how to master the flavours and authentic techniques of Italian cuisine on this one day cookery course with BBC Masterchef finalist, Sara Danesin Medio.


Course Overview

Inspired by several cultures, Sicilian food is unique. Our one-day cookery course will see you learning about the history and specific flavour combinations that come together to make authentic Sicilian dishes. Our one-day Sicilian cookery course is led by our expert chef and former Masterchef finalist, Sara Danesin. She will inspire you and give you the confidence needed to recreate the dishes in your own home. Your friends and loved ones will love the new recipes in your repertoire.