Foster a strong team ethos with our restaurant challenge experience

Nothing helps to strengthen team spirit and to get a group working together like having a common goal or challenge to work on. When that challenge is fun and creative, your team will come out of it feeling energised and positive. This cooking team building activity is the perfect team building exercise as it enables members of a team to learn together, to gain in confidence, and to work together more effectively, all whilst having an amazing time.

What our restaurant challenge experience involves

At the start of this challenge, your team will be divided up into several smaller teams. Each of these smaller teams will then appoint their designated ‘head chef’. The head chef’s role is to allocate tasks to other members of the team, to ensure that everyone stays on schedule, and to manage any issues that arise during the challenge. Now, each team can get to work. Your challenge is to cook a delectable three (or, sometimes, four) course meal as a team. An expert chef will be on hand to teach you how to perform tricky tasks such as filleting fish, and to instruct you regarding how best to put the ingredients together.

The delicious dishes your teams will learn to cook

We have plenty of dishes to challenge and excite your teams with. Here is a sample menu of what you might be expected to cook during a cooking team building exercise with us:

  • Mackerel fillet (here your team will gain confidence as they learn to fillet a fish themselves) with a dressing of beetroot and mustard grain
  • Seared steak (here, the Head Chef will need to be scrupulously aware of timings) flavoured with horseradish and accompanied by rocket potatoes
  • Home made bread rolls – a fantastic side dish that your team will love making when they get home too
  • Zabaglione (a tasty Italian dessert) accompanied by sable biscuits and fresh berries

When it comes to fostering a sense of team spirit, cooking together as a team is second only to eating together as a team. Thus, your teams will also get to enjoy the food that they have cooked, and (quite literally) to savour their joint achievements. Menus can be chosen by the team on the day, and adapted to suit the team’s favourite flavours and dietary requirements.

The advantages of a restaurant challenge

This day long challenge will bring your teams together, build their confidence and enhance their trust in each other. Unlikely leaders will be revealed at various points of the day due to the diverse nature of the challenges. The novelty and difficulty of some of the challenges (for instance, filleting a fish by hand) will encourage members of each team to step out of their comfort zone and to extend their horizons. Team members will get the opportunity to get to know each other better, and also to display aspects of their personality (such as creativity) that may be hidden in the workplace.

Book your place on a cooking team building experience today

Bring your employees together, have some fun, and return to the workplace more confident and unified than ever before. Book your place on one of our restaurant challenge experiences today and get ready to strengthen your employees’ leadership and teamwork skills, all in a relaxed and convivial environment.

“‘I really enjoyed the cooking experience and the friendly staff…. I would recommend to anyone looking for a great activity and environment” – Adam Peaty MBE, January 2018

Restaurant Challenge Experience

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