Recipes learnt on our cookery course for men

  • Roast chicken
  • Pan fried sea bass with sauce vierge
  • Rump steak with hand cut chips and peppercorn sauce
  • Green Thai curry
  • Penne pasta with chicken, pancetta, leek and parmesan
  • Ginger and syrup sponge cake with crème anglaise

Throughout the day you’ll stop to eat the food you’ve cooked in our private dining room with everyone else. A chance to share your experiences in creating the dishes as well as great food and a glass of wine.

(Please note, we reserve the right to alter the dishes covered in our men’s cookery course, to meet the dietary requirements of our guests).

Techniques learnt

  • Knife skills that will have you slicing and dicing like a professional, using safe procedures
  • Cooking fish and making a Thai curry paste
  • Roasting a chicken
  • Pan frying a steak (rare, medium or well done)
  • Creating two sauces that can be used in many different dishes
  • How to make a sponge cake with crème anglaise

This day long Men in the Kitchen class is designed to give you total confidence in using all of these techniques. The aim is that you can go home and repeat the recipes for family and friends time and again.

Your chef tutor

This cooking class is taught by one of our team of expert local chefs. With many years of experience between them, covering everything from top restaurant service to catering for royalty, you’ll be in the hands of experts. They are all passionate about teaching aspiring chefs and home cooks and make the day a fun and vibrant experience. If you’re looking to learn professional tips and techniques, these are the experts to learn them from.

Men In the Kitchen 10:15 – 16:00
1 Arrival and get to know your fellow cooks

The Seasoned team will greet you with homemade biscuits and freshly made coffee and tea whilst you get to know your fellow cooks for the day. Many days begin discussing your current ‘signature dishes’ whether these are beans on toast or a simple steak, we look forward to broadening your culinary repertoire.

2 Knife skills

We begin with simple knife skills, chopping an onion and finely dicing some celery, carrots and a shallot will give you confidence in your knives, some great skills to take back to your own kitchen and prepare you for your next dishes.

3 Sea bass & sauce vierge

Now we are more confident with our knives we will make a simple sauce vierge (a herb & tomato sauce) and learn how to pan fry a fish fillet, simply with some oil and butter. This dish makes a delicious lunch or starter and everybody is impressed with their instant culinary ability.

4 Roast Chicken

We remove the wishbone of our chickens before roasting them and returning to them later in the day to learn to carve them and make a delicious chicken & pasta dish.

5 Steak & Chips

Whilst our Chicken is roasting, we turn our attention to how to cook a great steak. Such a versatile dish and, once mastered, you can vary this with different sauces and use the same technique to cook pork fillet, lamb chops and chicken breasts

6 Lunch

We will enjoy our Steak and chips for lunch, a steak you have cooked yourself alongside a peppercorn sauce. We’ll cover how to select your cut of meat, how to test whether it is cooked to rare, medium rare or medium and how to rest and carve it.

Enjoy this is our dining room with a glass of wine

7 Green Thai Curry

After lunch we will check our chickens are cooked, remove them from the oven and leave to rest. Whilst doing this, our chef will demonstrate how to make a delicious thai curry paste which can be used with vegetables or different meats. We’ll try this as a group, before making carving our chickens and making a pasta dish with a creamy sauce in pairs.

8 Ginger sponge & custard for dessert

The final cooking session of the day will show you how to create a crowd pleasing dessert and the fundamentals of making puddings and cakes. A treacle sponge or a ginger sponge are favourites, alongside a creme anglaise (custard) that the chef will demonstrate.

9 Departure

Enjoy your dessert in the dining room or the kitchen before leaving having had a fun day with fellow cooks, widening your culinary repertoire and, we hope you will cook all of the dishes again at home.

About your day

Our cookery courses for men take place on the Catton Hall Estate. On the picturesque Derbyshire and Staffordshire border, we are only minutes from the A38. We also have plenty of free parking.

You’ll have the support of our “kitchen fairies” who’ll ensure you have everything you need. We’ll provide an apron for the day, and all the equipment and ingredients.

You’ll be sitting down together during the day to eat the dishes you’ve created. We’ll also provide wine and soft drinks.

Our day courses run from 10.15am to 4pm. Join the team for early morning refreshments from 10am.

Book your place

This class is the ideal cookery course for men who want to learn new culinary skills. Whether you want to cook for yourself, your partner or entertain your friends at home, you will gain the skills and confidence to do so. We aim to provide a professional, educational and, most importantly, enjoyable learning experience throughout this course.

Surprise your friends and family with your cooking and baking skills. Never eat a boring meal again! Book today, call our friendly team on 01283 711 681.