Meat & Fish Cooking Classes

Our meat & fish cooking classes are designed to help you get more confident in cooking and preparing meat or fish, along with giving you inspiration for recipes using cuts of meat and fish that may be less familiar to you.

On all Seasoned courses we aim to teach a variety of techniques that you will use again in your kitchen at home.  Whether it is cooking the perfect steak for friends or pan frying fish to impress dinner guests.


This one day British meat masterclass is a celebration of the best of British meat.

Join Tim Maddams for a meat masterclass, as he teaches the art of cooking delicious dishes with under utilised cuts of meat. Tim's wealth of knowledge will leave you with the confidence to cook meats which are outside of the norm.

Join Tim Maddams for a day of fish cookery, learning all about how to source and cook delicious and sustainable seafood.  Recipes include a delicious fish curry, Italian classics like spaghetti alle vongole and learning how to hot smoked fish - a technique that can be used with different fish all year round.

Learn how to cook locally sourced game with former River Cottage head chef, Tim Maddams on this one day game cookery course.

Get to grips with all kinds of fish and seafood on this one day course, learning how to clean, prepare and cook incredible seafood dishes.

A fantastic one day course to introduce you to how to hot and cold smoke meat and fish at home under the expert guidance of Turan Turan.

Meat & Fish Cooking Course

Our Best of British Meat course guides you through a range of meat, cuts and technique so you can make the most of meat produced in the UK. This could be just the thing if you've always wanted to know how to pick and cook the perfect steak.

Or possibly a game course might be more your thing? Do you regularly have a freezer full of pheasants and rabbits with no idea how to cook them? Our Game Cookery Course is taught by game hero Tim Maddams, and you’ll be cooking deliciously different dishes with game that you didn’t realise were possible.

If you are a relative beginner when it comes to cooking meat then maybe one of our beginner courses is a good place to start.

Does The Quality Of A Cut Of Meat Matter?

Good quality meat can be an expensive contributor to household food bills, so it makes sense to make sure you can cook it the best way possible. Whatever you've paid for the meat, you'll want to get the most out of it.

Yes, the quality of the meat can make a difference to the final dish. This doesn't mean that only expensive cuts of meat can produce delicious dishes. Cheaper cuts like beef shin work wonderfully for slow cooking. There are also many under-utilised cuts that are cheaper than things like loin or steak. Our chefs will show you what to look for in good quality meat, and then how to cook it for the best results. Where possible, we source all of our meat as locally as possible. Our local butcher supplies much of the meat on each course.

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