For your own and other people’s safety could you please read and acknowledge the following:

  • Please make staff aware of any dietary requirements or medical conditions.

  • Please leave your knives on the central islands at all times.

  • Please take care when using hot implements.

  • Using knives and hot implements, after consuming wine at lunchtime, is your own choice and responsibility. No alcohol can be brought on to the site.

  • Any food made and taken off the premises for your consumption is done so at your own risk. Please follow Food Standard Agency reheating guidelines.

  • If you were to have an accident, you consent to a trained first aider providing basic first aid and calling emergency services if appropriate.

  • Photos may be taken during the day for use on our website or social media. If you don’t want to be included on them please let one of the team know.

  • Please be aware that the estate is a working farm and please be aware of approaching vehicles in the courtyard and driveway.

Thank you, the Seasoned Team