About Julie Lin

Julie Lin entered MasterChef in 2014, making it all the way through to the quarter finals. Leaving behind a retail job, Julie started out as a commis chef in a top Glasgow restaurant. Although she was working her way up through the kitchen ranks, her love of Malaysian flavours was never far away. She began running a popular pop-up food stall, Julie’s Street Kitchen, to bring those flavours to a wider audience.

In 2017 Julie finally realised her dream for a permanent restaurant. Julie’s Kopitiam is based on a traditional Malaysian small cafe and has a devoted following. Here she gets to bring together all the traditional skills and flavours she learned from her mother. The restaurant allows her to show the full scope of the flavours of the region.

Julie returned to TV screens after MasterChef with two cookery shows. In “Julie and Jimmy’s Hot Woks” she and fellow Scottish cook, Jimmy Lee, inspired home cooks to be more adventurous. We are delighted to welcome Julie to Seasoned, where she continues her family tradition of passing on the skills and knowledge behind this fascinating cuisine.


Learn how to master many Malaysian cooking traditions and skills which are perfect for cooking tasty Malaysian dishes. If you like world cuisine, then this course is for you.