Indian Cookery Courses

Our love of Indian food continues to grow in the UK. Whether you’re a novice who just loves a good Indian takeaway, or if you are already comfortable using spices in your cooking, our Indian cookery courses offer something for everyone.

The chefs who teach our Indian courses are passionate experts and love to share knowledge with their students. If you’re interested in taking part, please get in touch with the Seasoned Cookery School team. We can tell you more about what we offer on our courses. You can also browse the fantastic range of courses that we provide below.

A masterclass in Indian cooking under the expert guidance of Indian cookery tutor Nidhi to develop your skills whilst making a range of delicious indian dishes

Join us for a day to expand your culinary repertoire, from rich and hearty Indian curries to fragrant, coconut curries from Thailand, Jamaica and more.  This curry course is an excellent introduction to the rich global variety of spiced dishes.

A one day vegetarian and vegan cookery course learning how to balance and blend spices throughout a range of different Indian dishes.  This course with leading Pakistani chef Sumayya Usmani includes biryani, curries, flatbreads, Indian chutneys and seasonal vegetable dishes. 
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Learn the art of curries, Indian bread and accompaniments with Sumayya Usmani. To view the dishes you will be making on this course, click here.

Join our excellent Indian chef, Rayeesa, to learn and create authentic Indian dishes that you can impress friends and family with at home.  

Indian Cooking Classes

Seasoned’s Indian cookery courses are taught by two talented and experienced Indian chefs. Rayeesa and Sumayya each teach different courses, specialising in the various regions and types of Indian and Pakistani cooking. If you're looking for something more specific, why not try our South Indian cooking classes ran by Monisha Bharadwaj? Our chefs will teach you about the ethos and the spices of Indian cuisine.

If you’ve never cooked Indian food from scratch before, then our Introduction to Indian Cooking would be ideal for you. If you’re ready to explore different regional flavours and dishes, then join one of the dates for our curry cooking courses.

Inspiring Indian Cooking Lessons

At the end of your day with us, you’ll leave with an inspiring range of new recipes and skills to use again and again. Seasoned is proud to offer courses with an amazing range of talented chefs, all with different areas of expertise. Hugely passionate about their specialist areas, they’ll happily answer any questions while they demonstrate each technique.

With chefs this talented and experienced, their courses get booked up rapidly when we announce dates. If you’re ready to book, you can do it online or over the phone on 01283 711681. Need some help deciding? Contact us to let us know how we can help with your choice.