Course Overview

Led by TV chef Tim Maddams, this day-long game cookery course will teach you how to prepare and cook game meat properly. Tim is author of the River Cottage Game handbook so expect plenty of expert tips, as well as a good story or two. You will learn the techniques needed to cook gourmet game dishes and some of the theories behind successful game based cookery.

Reflecting the fact that different types of game are in season at different times of the year, there is also a specific Spring/Summer version of this course. The course is held in the beautiful grounds of the Catton Hall estate, home to a successful pheasant and partridge game shoot.

Recipes learnt

Spring / Summer Game Days

  • Rabbit cooked under butter with gnocchi
  • Rabbit rillettes
  • Pigeon steak hashe with peppercorn sauce
  • Asian Style venison carpaccio
  • Pan roasted rabbit loins with lemon & bay
  • Hot smoked partridge breast

Autumn & Winter Game days

  • Pan roasted partridge in a cider sauce accompanied by artichokes
  • Hare shoulder and leg cooked under butter, accompanied by gnocchi and cheddar
  • Loin of hare, char grilled and flavoured with lemon and sumac
  • Homemade tortilla wrap containing wild duck, slow roasted in soy and ginger and served with duck sauce
  • Rillettes of hare
  • Hot smoked pheasant

During the day you will be able to enjoy eating the fruits of your kitchen labours. Served in our private dining room, it’s a chance to share your experiences in creating the dishes with everyone else, as well as great food and a glass of wine.

(Please note, we reserve the right to alter the dishes covered in the course, to meet the dietary requirements of our guests).

Techniques learnt

  • Skinning and butchering a rabbit / hare
  • Hot smoking techniques and how to adapt them to different types of game
  • Pan roasting game
  • How to confit game
  • Char-grilling
  • How to make gnocchi by hand
  • Making rillettes
  • Incorporating game dishes into seasonal cookery

This day long course is designed to give you total confidence in using all of these techniques. The aim is that you can go home and repeat the recipes for family and friends time and again, and adapt them to different types of game.

Your chef tutor

Tim Maddams is a writer, presenter, private chef, cookery teacher and an expert in game cookery. He is perhaps most famous for leading the River Cottage team at Axminster, and has also appeared on high profile shows such as BBC Food and Drink, and Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch. Tim has written numerous articles for publications as varied as The Ecologist and Shooting Times. He also published the compendious foodie bible known as ‘The River Cottage A-Z’. Tim has written a whole book on game, the ‘River Cottage Game Handbook’, which provides plenty of tips and tricks for cooking delectable, succulent, flavoursome game dishes. There is nothing like learning with a top chef in person, though, and his one-day game cookery courses will let you see his immense skill in action.

About your day

Our cookery courses take place on the Catton Hall Estate. On the picturesque Derbyshire and Staffordshire border, we are only minutes from the A38. We also have plenty of free parking.

You’ll have the support of our “kitchen fairies” who’ll ensure you have everything you need. We’ll provide an apron for the day, and all the equipment and ingredients.

You’ll be sitting down together during the day to eat the dishes you’ve created. We’ll also provide wine and soft drinks.

Our day courses run from 10.15am to 4pm. Join the team for early morning refreshments from 10am.

Book your place

This day long game cookery course is enjoyable and informative. By the end of the course, you should have the confidence to throw a dinner party for your loved ones and regale them with some fantastic game dishes and stories from your day.

Held on the magnificent Catton Hall estate, this is an incredible experience of learning how to cook game first hand with one of the country’s most renowned experts in this field. As you can imagine, Tim is much in demand around the country, and his courses at Seasoned do book up very quickly.

Book online now or give us a call on 01283 711 681.