Overview of the course

Do you want tips and tricks on how to take your food to the next level? Or to learn how to successfully cater for larger dinner parties, without the last minute stress? This dinner party cookery course is for you.


Techniques learnt on this course will be:

By the end of this dinner party cookery course, you will have mastered the key techniques, namely:

– To prepare ahead for dinner parties at home, so you can enjoy them with friends

– To create two delicious sauces

– How to cure, pan fry & roast salmon, so it can be prepared ahead and roasted just in time for serving

– A simple vegetable pickle to accompany starters & light dishes

– How to de-bone duck, pan frying the breas and confiting the legs

– To make a soufflé for dessert along with a simple ‘cheats’ ice cream

This day long course is designed to give you total confidence in applying all of these techniques, so that you will have no trouble repeating the recipes when you get home.


Adam Pickett: The expert chef who will take you through the course

This dinner party cookery course will be run by one of our local expert chefs – Adam, Ian or Craig. Each run successful catering businesses and are vibrant in their approach and passionate about passing their skills on in a fun and friendly way.

Accolades include National chef of the year finalist, Masters in Culinary Arts Management, and catering for Olympic teams, you will be learning skills from one of the best in the industry.



Dishes made on the day*:

Throughout the day, you will learn to cook all of these delicious recipes, enjoying your own food as you go along in our private dining room:

– Masala Spiced Salmon, with Red Lentil Dhal, Pickled Carrots and a Coconut Reduction

Duck Breast with Creamed Savoy Cabbage and Chorizo,

Potato Fondant and a Blood Orange Sauce

Banana Soufflé, toffee sauce and banana ice-cream

*Please note, we reserve the right to alter the dishes covered in the course, if required to meet the dietary requirements or allergy concerns of our guests.



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