At Seasoned Cookery School, we endeavour to cater for all dietary requirements, however due to the hosting several different courses and the nature of our kitchen, we may be unable to cater for all specific dietary needs. This document outlines how we cater for dietary requirements:

  1. Please notify us at the point of booking if you have a dietary requirement. We will let you know immediately if we are not able to accommodate you.
  2. Our kitchen is a domestic teaching kitchen with all areas used for all types of food preparation. Due to this, we are unable to accept people who have a severe allergy to commonly used ingredients as we cannot guarantee our kitchen to be free from these.
  3. If we are notified of a dietary requirement less than 4 weeks before a course or event, we may not be able to accommodate specific dietary requirements. In this instance you may forfeit your place.
  4. With enough notice, certain ingredients on some courses can be substituted; however, please note that this option is not viable on all courses.
  5. There is a game shoot on the Catton Hall Estate with this taking place throughout the winter months. If shooting game is against your beliefs, we may not be the cookery school for you.
  6. If you are served any food on the day (ie lunch provided on our baking courses and welcome bake), please ask a member of the team for allergen information about the dishes.

* Please note that our kitchen is not an allergy free environment