About Craig Floate

Craig Floate, is a talented chef who has worked in the food industry for over 25 years.

‘I love sharing my knowledge about food with clients from seasoned as you can tell they really appreciate it and leave with a new skill every time they visit that can maybe make there cooking experience at home that little bit easier with the right skills.’

One of the many highlights of Craig’s, career was being chosen to as a team chef for the British Olympic sailing team, for the London 2012 Olympic Games. He supported the team throughout, Europe, to ensure they always were on top form.

Please see below courses which Craig teaches alongside our team of local chefs.

Learn how to completely transform a dish with a great sauce or stock. This one day course will unlock the secrets behind great sweet and savoury sauce making.

Get to grips with all kinds of fish and seafood on this one day course, learning how to clean, prepare and cook incredible seafood dishes.

Join our Pasta Making (1/2 Day) Course

This culinary confidence, will include a variety of basic skills & dishes that can be used for easy entertaining, light lunches, cooking for one, two or feeding a family. The perfect course for building confidence in the kitchen & a repertoire of delicious recipes.