Cooking for One Classes

Are you beginning your culinary journey cooking for yourself? Maybe you need to cook less as children leave the nest. Whatever your motivation, our cooking for one classes will give you new ideas and skills to use in the kitchen for solo dining. You could learn dishes that are focused on batch cooking, giving you things to go in the freezer. Others will be quick, easy recipes that turn store cupboard ingredients into a delicious meal for one.

Our chefs are always on hand to answer any questions during our classes. This means you can go home confident in the knowledge that you have an array of recipes to hand.


This fun one-day cookery course is designed for men who want to develop a sound repertoire of delicious, tasty dishes. If you are a man who rarely cooks, or if you know one, this course is ideal. It will help you to gain confidence in the kitchen and give you the building blocks for some great meals.

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Join our Pasta Making (1/2 Day) Course
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Solo Suppers - Cooking course for one If you cook for yourself and want some fresh inspiration for dishes that deliver on taste and a quick and easy to prepare then this course is for you.  Taught by Army wife & the queen of ‘solo suppers’ Beca Lyn Pirkis the day will include recipes to batch cooking and freeze for instant and nutritious ready meals as well as how to make quick & easy meals in minutes from store cupboard staples.

This culinary confidence, will include a variety of basic skills & dishes that can be used for easy entertaining, light lunches, cooking for one, two or feeding a family. The perfect course for building confidence in the kitchen & a repertoire of delicious recipes.

Cooking course for adults

Enjoy a fun-filled day with the camaraderie of other cooks as you learn from your expert chef for the day. Supported by our team of kitchen fairies, we are here to help you throughout the day. We provide the recipes, all of your ingredients, and do the washing up. There are normally some tasty treats to go home with too.

Whether you are an experienced cook looking for ideas to make for one, or new to the kitchen, we have many courses that will be perfect for you. Our culinary confidence course and men in the kitchen are the most basic of the courses that we offer and suitable for people who are cooking for one. For example, we cover a range of different dishes suitable for solo suppers:

  • How to cook the perfect steak
  • A curry paste that can be batch cooked and frozen
  • Easy and simple soups
  • Pasta with different sauces
  • Pâté with simple to prepare soda bread

On all of our courses, there's a mix of individual cooking and work in pairs. This means that you can cover a whole series of recipes and skills on the day.

Gain Valuable Cooking Experience

We are fortunate to work with a range of fabulous chefs, from TV chefs like Tim Maddams and Will Torrent, through to specialists in different spheres such as bread making, curing and smoking. Our chefs come from all over the country to teach with us, and we hope they will inspire you to cook for yourself in your own kitchen. Not sure which course is for you? Have a chat with one of our team on 01283 711681.