Chocolate Making Classes

Have you ever wished you could make your own delicious chocolates? Or would you rather learn the art of truffles and understand the difference between tempering and enrobing? We know that the world of chocolate making can seem daunting. However, we will demystify it for you in one of our chocolate courses.

Our chocolate making courses are taught by award-winning patisserie master, Will Torrent. A world-renowned expert in chocolate, he and the Seasoned team will guide you through a day of incredible chocolate delights. Furthermore, you will get to take home your goodies to show off to friends and family.

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If you love to make your own delicacies, then this course is perfect for you. You'll learn to make homemade truffles, scrumptious fudge and decorate beautifully. This course is taught by renowned chocolatier, Will Torrent.
Course is Full

Learn how to produce some mouth watering patisserie this Christmas with one of the UK's most respected confectionary chefs, Will Torrent.

With chocolate at the forefront of Christmas time, what better way to prepare than joining one of the finest Chocolatier in the UK, Will Torrent to create your own Christmas chocolates.

Exciting Chocolate Courses

Our delicious chocolate courses give you the skills to produce a mouth-watering selection of chocolates not only here on the day but to reproduce again at home. Watch Will demonstrate key techniques, and then you'll be getting hands-on with the chocolate.

Key skills you’ll learn during a day in one of our chocolate making classes include:

  • How to temper chocolate
  • How to enrobe chocolate
  • The best type of chocolate to use for different elements of the finished chocolate
  • How to make different flavoured fillings
  • How to colour chocolate

We support you through the day in a friendly environment with unlimited tea, coffee and water, as well as a delicious lunch cooked by the Seasoned staff. We'll also do most of your washing up.

Our chocolate courses are designed to help you progress whether you are a novice chocolatier or someone who wants to increase their confidence with chocolate for their day job.

Book a Place on Our Chocolatier Courses

Don’t miss out on a delectable day of chocolate here at Seasoned. You'll leave us with your box of delicious chocolates and the inspiration to experiment with chocolate at home.

These are very popular classes, booking up very quickly when we release new dates, given Will's reputation as a chef and teacher. To reserve a space, you can book online or give us a call on 01283 711681.