Working with Maldon Sea Salt

Posted on 29/04/14

 We are honoured to announce that Seasoned Cookery School have teamed up with Maldon Sea Salt on a fantastic new business synergy.

Not only is Maldon Salt a recognised and versatile product, it is renowned for being the most loved sea salt for many top chefs; which is why we couldn’t wait to start working with them!

We use Maldon Sea Salt on most of our cookery courses (excluding baking!) as our expert chefs add pinches and pinches into their delicious dishes to give them that extra special flavour and finish.

A favourite dish of mine, was the delectable focaccia bread that former River Cottage head chef, Tim Maddams created for a recent evening hosted by himself at Seasoned.With layers of wild garlic sprawled across the top alongside generous glugs of olive oil, the finishing touch of Maldon Sea Salt Flakes really rounded off the focaccia, making it ready to be torn apart and eaten warm.

Not only do our cookery course guests use Maldon Sea Salt on our cookery days, but Maldon have been kind enough to send us their incredible Maldon Sea Salt ‘Pinch Tins’. These quirky, little tins are full of their incredible product which is in a tin small enough to take a pinch out of when cooking at home.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on our work with Maldon, along with recipes featuring Maldon Sea Salt Flakes!