The British sun and summer is struggling to show its true colours this year. However these rainy days aren’t stopping us from having some fun around the BBQ.

Throughout the summer we are hosting a series of wonderful Weber Barbecue courses, from Barbecue Classics, Weber Essentials to the ultimate Seafoods Essentials. These courses provide versatile dishes that you wouldn’t think could be achieved on a BBQ, from a rustic risotto, smoked mussels, to molten chocolate puddings, these delightful dishes will get you barbecuing all year round!


BBQ roasted Sea bass


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Take a look at our scrumptious roasted sea bass dish:


Roasted Sea bass


Ingredients for BBQ Roasted Seabass

4 400g Whole Sea bass (descaled & clean)

2 Lemons (zested & thinly sliced)

8 Garlic Cloves ( thinly sliced)

4 Sprigs of Rosemary

4 Tbsp Rapeseed oil

Preparing BBQ Roasted Seabass

  1. Score around 6 indents into the fish on both sides, and poke the thinly sliced garlic into the incisions.
  2. Rub the zest of lemon, rosemary, salt and oil into the fish.
  3. Layer the lemons onto a grill pan and place the sea bass on top.

BBQ Roasting the Sea bass

  1. Prepare you BBQ for indirect heat, around 200°C.
  2. Roast your fish on the grill pan for 25minutes, allowing the fish to cook through.
  3. You will know when the fish is cooked as the skin will turn white and will easily come away from the bone.
  4. Serve straight with a delicious salad of your choice.


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