Here is our round up of the top cookbooks that the Seasoned Team have been cooking from in 2018.  Some have been published for a while & recently discovered by the team at Seasoned.  Some are our Chef’s cookbooks which are a ‘go to’ resource in our own kitchens and some are newly published this year.  We hope you enjoy & this provides a little Christmas present inspiration for any last minute presents.



This has been the ‘bread bible’ for Clare & Jules this year in their quest to improve their Sourdough bread making.  Chad Robertson is from San Francisco & his bread making technique has become world renowned.  This book explains the principles behind sourdough bread and some recipes to broaden your repertoire.  A great book for the keen bread maker!

Tartine Bread



Under the Tamarind Tree

This book written Sumayya Usmani who teaches our very popular Curries and Accompaniments course is one of Jules’s favourite books this year.  Sumayya’s food is fragrant and beautifully balanced.  A great book for a keen cook who loves cooking with spice.

Summers Under the Tamarind Tree




Monisha’s Indian Cook Book

Monisha’s Indian Cookery Course is an encyclopaedic guide to Indian Cookery.  Loved by Tania & Clare, this is a go to in our houses for an easy mid week dahl or a Indian feast for friends.


The Indian Cookery Course



On the Side 

This is a new book for Clare this year & a great find for anybody who wants some fresh inspiration for side dishes.  The best section of the book is the index in our opinion – if you’ve decided you’re having Roast Pork then the index lists all the possible side dishes.  A great book, brilliantly written.  Ed is also author to The Borough Market Cook Book which is on our wish list for this year!


On The Side




A great book for a keen baker.  Forget staple flavour combinations, Ottolenghi brings completely fresh take on desserts & baking.  From rhubarb & custard yum yums to pistachio roulade.  great flavours & recipes that work & countless inspiration for your baking at home.



Game Handbook – Tim Maddams 

Tim Maddams Game Handbook is a superb reference book for anyone who shoots or prepares game.  The first half of the book is focused around different game species so that you can really understand different types of game – from their breeding season to their flight pattern.  The second half of the book is full of tasty & achievable recipes, from Tim’s signature ‘Green Sauce’ to hot smoked rabbit loins and pigeon burgers.  A great gift for a game enthusiast.





Mera Sodha – Fresh India 

This book has been a superb culinary discovery for Clare this year.  A vegetarian Indian book which uses vegetarian alternatives to classic meat dishes.  Cauliflower Khorma is a particular favourite, alongside lemon rice with peanuts & curry leaves and some delicious dahl recipes.

Fresh India


Happy cooking & please comment below with any favourite cook books & recipes you’ve discovered this year.

Clare & the team at Seasoned




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