Top 5 recipes for the New Year

Posted on 15/01/16

Struggling on recipes ideas this New Year? Most of us are feeling as though we’ve overindulge over the festive period, eating endless amounts of mince pies, christmas pud and the never ending left overs from the overflowing fridge.

If your needing a little bit of inspiration to get you back into the Kitchen, we’ve created a list of our top 5 recipes for the New Year, which includes healthy dishes, vegetarian options, spiced soups and succulent Sunday roasts from a variety of our favourite chefs.

 new year


Tempted to turn Vegetarian this New Year why not try this vibrant Vergeree recipe created by renown cook book writer Anna Jones, this delicious dish is packed with the flavours of India will leave you feeling perfectly replenished.


Family Food

Seasoned Cookery School have created a delicious cauliflower curry recipe with spiced flat bread – suitable for vegetarian and all the family to share.

Cauliflower Curry

Sunday Roast

Perfect Sunday roast by Michel Roux, consists of the perfect pork lion joint with amazingly crispy golden crackling, complete with crunchy roast potatoes, apple sauce and delicious gravy.



Delicious Asian ahi salad by fantastic food blogger ‘The Sprouted Kitchen’. This authentic salad will certainly set your tastebud off with sharp spices and zesty juices you’ll never turn back to a traditional caesar salad.


Spiced Soup

Thai chicken noodle soup created by our very own team at Seasoned is a favourite of ours, with mouthwatering flavours and that will tantalise your tastebuds!!

Thai chicken noodle soup


If this new year has inspired you to start a new skill why not learn to cook something completely different, on one of our cookery courses with our talent and specialist chefs. This year we’ve introduced new courses which include Asian Street Food, Tapas, Japanese, Artisan Food & Ladies Culinary Confidence.

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