When you hear the words ‘Domestic Goddess’ does your heart sink with an image of a 1950’s housewife or are you excited about hosting fabulous parties for friends and family like Nigella?!

We have put together an essential top 10 guide to be the perfect, modern day ‘domestic goddess’ in the kitchen.

#1 – Comfortable cooking

Long, complicated recipes with a vast array of unnecessary ingredients are a thing of the past. The wow factor in dishes is kitchen confidence. This comes from comfortable and simple cooking.  Don’t exceed your skill set too quickly; pace yourself with familiar and delicious recipes leading up to the more complex.


#2 – Recipe Experimentation

The best recipes come from experimentation. Everyone’s taste pallet is unique so tweaking and amending recipes in certain areas can give you new and unique dishes to call your own.


#3 – Learn

Essential to cooking is having the basic recipes in your repertoire, for example, good steak, fish, gravy and accompanying sauces recipes are key. We offer a variety of day courses including ‘Delicious, Prepare Ahead Dinners’ but also something special for groups. If you are getting married, we offer a ‘Domestic Goddess’ course for hen parties, where you will prepare a 3 course meal to enjoy later on in the evening, leaving you with new found confidence and skills!


#4 – Prepare

If you are a nervous cook, the trick is preparation. Prepare in advance your timings, ingredients, equipment, recipes, etc. for a stress-free environment.


#5 – Online Shopping

Join the modern day housewife revolution and get your shopping done online and delivered straight to your door. With a variety of supermarkets and farm shops offering this there is no need for traffic jams, checkout queues or dodgy trolleys anymore.


#6 – Delegate

If your friends offer help or offer to bring a dish at your dinner party the golden rule is to accept! Grab all the help you can get, especially when entertaining a large number of people.


#7 – Good Kit

Every domestic goddess needs a couple of staple pieces of kit in the kitchen – top of the list are good knifes & saucepans. These will be sympathetic on your cooking and save you money down the line.


#8 – The Big Freeze

Batch cooking is the golden rule for easy mid-week meals.  Make a large batch of food and freeze in small quantities; curries, casseroles and soups are perfect for this!  All you need to do is defrost and re-heat to impress loved ones and unexpected guests!


#9 – Essentials/ store cupboard

Make sure you are stocked up with the store cupboard essentials to enable you to adapt recipes and cook up a storm.  Keeping stock of herbs, spices, salt, pepper, eggs, flour and sugar will make all the difference.


#10 – Persevere

 If at first you don’t succeed; try and try again.  Laugh about any mistakes and keep trying – need we say more!



If you are interested in cookery activities for hen parties please contact us as we can tailor the day towards you!

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