Treating yourself to a steak is always an indulgence, especially when out for a meal.  Our head chef Jeff Thomas has written a step-by-step guide of how to cook the perfect steak and with this in mind, we have compiled our favourite steak recipes for you to try when you have mastered this culinary art.

1. Epic Trencher

The fabulous baker brothers have created this super steak sandwich using a fantastic under utilised cut of beef; onglet.  This epic sandwich is perfect to share as a light lunch and if you are not keen on sourdough bread, try mixing up the recipe with ciabbatta and different flavour combinations to excite your taste buds.

2. Heston’s perfect steak

This recipe by Heston is designed to show off its main ingredient in its entirety.  Simple yet effective, the few ingredients compliment the steak perfectly allowing it to be the star of the show like it should be.

3. Seared sliced steak salad with rocket and horseradish dressing

If you love steak but are looking for a light yet still indulgent way to use it, then this recipe is perfect for you. Incorporating the steak into a beautifully tangy dressed salad is sure to please the palette.

4. Grilled steak with pesto and crostini

Pesto is traditionally served with pasta, however, in this dish, Jamie Oliver has taken this quintessentially Italian ingredient and served it with steak to create a vibrant flavourful dish, keeping the steak as the center focus.

5. Classic steak with brandy peppercorn sauce

Nothing can beat a classic, and this is no exception.  Our head chef Jeff Thomas has done this classic justice with his mouthwatering recipe.  Try serving this with homemade chips or pomme puree for a perfect weekend tea treat.

6. Seared beef fillet with watercress, gorgonzola and parmesan dressing

For those of you that have a more ‘cheffy side’, this recipe is perfect for you to show off your culinary expertise in front of family and friends.  Simple, flavoursome and aesthetically pleasing, wow your guests with a dish that demonstrates all that encompasses fine dining at home.

7. Pan fried steak with flavoured butters

Marco Pierre White has taken a classic steak and given the option of accompanying it with various flavoured butters to  ensure that you will never have a dull steak again!  Try experimenting with flaours such as red wine and shallot, parsley and wholegrain mustard.

8. Thai steak noodle salad

Try eating steak differently with this light, fragrant, healthy steak salad which encompasses all things Thai.  Full of flavour and texture, this dish is sure to leave you wanting to use steak differently in your future cooking endeavors.

9. Steak with creamy Stilton sauce

Who can resist the classic combination of steak and Stilton? This simple recipe by the Peak District Farm really does this classic combination justice and is perfect served with roasted new potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

10. Punchy steak Marinade

Instead of serving your steak with flavourful accompaniments, try adding all of the flavour into the steak itself with this punchy marinade created by Jamie Oliver to add a ‘punch’ to your steak!

If you have any amazing steak recipes that you would like to share with us, please do so via our Facebook Page.

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