Tips for cooking turkey

Posted on 01/11/14

Seasoned Cookery School’s tips for cooking turkey!

There is no need to stress this Christmas, we have created 5 great top tips for you when cooking turkey!

1. Always remove the raw turkey from the fridge at least an hour before cooking to allow the meat to come to room temperature before cooking, this will prevent the bird from drying out and will help the turkey to be evenly cooked.


2. To keep the turkey moist whilst cooking stuff soft butter in between the skin & flesh of the bird and massage the butter to cover the wholeturkey breast. This will melt when the bird is in the oven, keeping it moist throughout the duration of cooking. Add a lattice of streaky bacon to the crown of the turkey which will add flavour and prevent then skin from over cooking.

3. Trussing the turkey is important for 2 reasons; it helps to shape the bird which is great for presentation – important at Christmas time! But more importantly, it helps to retain the moisture which will ensure the bird is evenly cooked.


4. Never over-stuff the turkey, this will prevent any movement of steam and can cause the turkey to be under cooked in the centre. Our favourite stuffing ingredients are onions, lemons, garlic and fresh herbs – they all release fresh, fragrant flavours which complement the flavour of the meat.


5. Always rest the turkey for about half an hour to three quarters of an hour after it has finished cooking to allow the meat to relax and make it even more tender.  Any juice which is released during the resting period can be used to create very tasty gravy.

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