Here at Seasoned cookery school we take our environmental responsibility seriously and try to minimise our impact on the environment. We have the pleaseure of running all of our cookery courses in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside, so why would we spoil it.

As a cooking school we promise to carefully monitor these 4 main elements of our business across all of our cookery courses:


  • All of our food is delivered for our cookery courses, therefore we end up with a lot of packaging. We recycle materials whenever possible, limiting the waste that goes into landfill.  All glass, plastic, paper and cardboard is recycled.

Conserving Energy:

  • We make sure we conserve energy as much as possible turning off all ovens, hobs and mixers when they are not in use. The heating system at our premises at Catton Hall, South Derbyshire is fuelled by a wood-chip burner, therefore very efficient and environmentally sustainable.

Food Waste

  • Food waste is one of our key areas of concern. We have mastered the art of ordering & portioning, so that food isn’t over-ordered.  All spare food, which is safe to eat, is used elsewhere in the cookery school for staff lunches etc.  All other food waste (vegetable peeling, bones, egg shells etc) is separated & recycled by South Derbyshire council.  Food is never wasted.

Our food buying policy:

We strive wherever possible for all of our cookery courses to:

  • Use local food suppliers in Derbyshire, including butcher and grocer to ensure low food miles, as well as supporting the local economy.
  • Re-use and recycle as much packaging materials as possible.
  • Promote the sourcing of sustainable, good quality meat and fish.
  • Encourage people to make the most of whatever ingredients they choose to purchase, using every part to produce delicious tasty food.

If you have any questions regarding any of our cookery courses or about our environmental responsibility then please drop us an email.



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