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Posted on 21/10/14

Tania Spooner is someone who everyone needs. She is Seasoned Cookery Schools chief kitchen fairy, keeps everything neat and tidy on course days and as well as this she manages to keep the place running like clock work.

To get to know what makes Tania ‘tick’ here are her top 5 recent foodie discoveries….

What has been your top foodie discovery recently?

Working at Seasoned Cookery School for nearly a year now I have been inspired to experiment when it comes to making and trying food, my top foodie discovery is a curry made from scratch. After tasting what our chefs make on the Indian Cookery Course, you will never want to go back to having a take away.

Where is the best place you’ve eaten at recently? 

The best place I have recently eaten at is Kebabish. The food was delicious and the service was excellent, I had a very enjoyable evening with my family.

What is your food heaven & your food hell?

My food heaven is freshly made pasta, I really enjoy dishes such as lasagne and spaghetti Bolognese! My food hell has definitely got to be dried fruit.

What dish do you currently want to perfect?

I am very keen on making my dishes from scratch, so I have been experimenting with loads of different dishes but mainly homemade pastas and breads.

What have you got planned in the next month or two?

In my work life I am excited about taking on more responsibility as the Seasoned team grows.  In my home life I am looking forward to my upcoming holiday, and also I am moving house soon so it should be a fun few weeks.

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