South Indian cookery course with Monisha Bharadwaj

Posted on 22/09/15

On Thursday 10th September we welcomed 10 guests for our first South Indian cookery course, with awarding winning cookery book author Monisha Bharadwaj.


Monisha is our newest chef at Seasoned Cookery School, teaching our extremely exciting South Indian cookery course. Monisha originates from Mumbai and has a vast knowledge of Indian cuisine, specifically South Indian food.


South Indian Cookery Course


The day began with tea, coffee & cake, as Monisha introduced herself to the group, explaining her passion, understanding & knowledge of Indian cuisine.

Monisha then demonstrated how to make authentic South Indian dishes these included Samhbar Lentils, Chicken Chettinad, Sweet and Sour Hyderabadi Aubergine, Kerala Fish Curry & Coconut and coriander chutney. Monisha focused on key elements within each dish, allowing the customers to have a full understanding around the importance of balancing & blending spices in both meat and vegetarian dishes, creating the perfect fusion.



The customers then started there cooking, working in pairs on each dish. Throughout the day Monisha was on hand, helping out with techniques, seasoning & balancing flavours to ensure the dishes were perfected. Monisha then demonstrated how to create delicious lemon flavoured rice & Green Beans with coconut to accompany the main dishes.


Techniques learnt on this South Indian Cookery Course:

– How to make authentic South Indian dishes

– How to balance and blend spices in both meat and vegetarian dishes

– How to make side dishes including a delicious coconut chutney

– How to create delicious flavoured rice


Recipes on the day included:

– Sambhar Lentils

– Sweet and Sour Hyderabadi Aubergine

– Kerala Fish Curry

– Green Beans with coconut

– Chicken Chettinad

– Coconut and coriander chutney


The day was extremely relaxing and laid back with the Seasoned kitchen fairies on hand cleaning & washing up all the pots & pans, allowing the customers to make the most of their cooking experience.

The customers enjoyed their delicious dishes over a late lunch with Monisha, reflecting on the day & allowing for any further questions.


If you would like to learn more about Indian cuisine, we offer three fantastic Indian courses with our specialist chefs, ranging from Contemporary to South Indian, there’s a course for everyone. Our next South Indian cookery course, with Monisha is on Thursday 26th November. 


For more information on what we have on offer at Seasoned please call 01283 810 275.