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Posted on 05/05/14

To give you a little more insight into the life & culinary highlights of the Seasoned team, each month we will share with you one of the teams top tips & recent foodie discoveries.

5 minutes with Clare Major – Seasoned Cookery School founder 

Qu: What has been your top foodie discovery recently? 

Tinned alphonso mango is still top of my ‘secret’ ingredients.  Sara Danesin of Masterchef fame introduced me to it & I use it in parfaits, mango smoothies & also have it for breakfast with fruit & granola – it is divine!   You can buy it from Ocado.

My friend Lucy recently gave me the Balymalloe bible which is excellent – especially for sauces.  The Pink Whisk’s cake book is also sensational – there just aren’t enough days in the week to make cake!

Qu: How are you getting on with your foodie ambitions of 2014? 

I started off strongly, but this has taken a back seat whilst we have been super busy with courses i’m afraid!  Hot smoking is on the agenda & Turan’s book & food smoking advice was invaluable.

Bread Making is going well & Tim Maddam’s focaccia has relighted by inner bread making fire!  Served on the menu at two private parties recently this focaccia is something really rather special!

Qu: Where is the best place you’ve eaten at recently? 

I’m a tough cookie to please when I eat out as I want nice food that I wouldn’t normally cook myself, but without an extortionate price tag.  My husband and I tend to treat ourselves to one super special meal a year & other than that eating out normally is to catch up with friends in a mutually convenient location.

The Hammer & Pincers is a new favourite & perfect for catching up with my good friend Ruth who lives a couple of hours away.  So the 50min trip to Wymeswold to meet half way is perfect. The converted pub boasts a great menu which is wonderfully executed, great character, good service & a knockout meal deal if you eat before 7pm – what more can you ask for?

My recent culinary treat was to The Black Swan in Helmsley, North Yorkshire. My husband & I stayed for a couple of nights & the food was simply divine – go there quickly, before it becomes Michelin rated & everyone discovers it!

Qu: What dish have you made that you are most proud of recently?  

After going to India recently i’ve been experimenting with Indian curries, in particular from the Kerala region.  I am totally bowled over by the freshness & flavour.  When i’ve perfected it, i’ll write a blog post with an accurate recipe!

Qu: What are you looking forward to in the next month or two? 

The arrival of our new puppy in May – a little black lab called Gurkha.  My heart melts at the prospect!


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