Working at a cookery school for the past year has definitely given me the opportunity to pick up lots of new culinary tips, from making delicious dinners to baking bread! Here is my 5 minute Q&A for Seasoned Cookery School!

What has been your top foodie discovery recently?

A: I’ve just mastered how to make delicious focaccia bread. Previously I’ve not had much luck with bread, but since using a recipe from Tim Maddams, which features on one of the cookery school courses, it has worked everytime! I think the secret is to add a handful of semolina to the dough & cover generously in olive oil before baking. My favourite topping is green olive & crumbled goats cheese – perfect for a summer picnic!

Where is the best place you’ve eaten at recently?

A: Working at a cookery school definitely turns you into a unqualified food critic, however, the best the best place I’ve eaten recently has to be the Green Café in Ludlow, Shropshire. Such a quirky yet understated little cafe set on the river bank. I had a beetroot & goats cheese salad, served with a walnut dressing which was delicious and topped with a perfect quenelle of beetroot relish. It was my favourite kind of food, very simple but super tasty. The glorious sunshine just added to it!

What bake do you currently want to perfect?

A: The ultimate brownies. Mastering chocolate brownies is probably a key life skill and definitely the quickest way to make friends!

What is your food heaven & your food hell?

A: I have a really sweet tooth and love most puddings, but my ultimate has to be lemon cheesecake. I just love the crumbley digestive base, topped with delicious ‘mousse’ like cream cheese mixture. Take a look at my step by step recipe if you fancy trying it for yourself!

Food hell would have to be anything with contains tinned sweetcorn – it’s something which I try to avoid at any cost!

What have you got planned in the next month or two? 

A: I’m travelling to Sri Lanka & India during August & September so I’m looking forward to soaking up all the different cultures from each regions. We are making our way from North India to the South West so I can’t wait to try all the different local dishes at each stop of the journey. This trip is definitely inspired by the Indian courses held at the cookery school, I had never considered India before trying the delicious food!

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