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Posted on 17/07/14

Masterchef Finalist – Sara Danesin

Sara Danesin; a talented Italian chef and 2011 Masterchef finalist.  Sara teaches our sell out Italian Cooking Courses & here is an insight into her cooking & foodie discoveries for  our blog readers.

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What has been your top foodie discovery?

Finding great quality fish purveyors for my dining club has been challenging! After a long chat with one of my Chef heroes in York, Andrew Pern, I was given the name of a fabulous fish purveyor in Hartlepool. Since then, the menu at Sara@stjohn has featured amazing new fish dishes as main course and starters! Happy days!

Where is the best place you’ve eaten at recently?

For me, eating out is a real challenge. My favourite is called” le Couchon aveugle”… a neat bistro in York, ran and owned by a very young and talented Chef. Superb!

What is your food heaven & your food hell? 

My food heaven is in Turin, and called Salone del gusto, probably the best food fair in the world! They have amazing cheese, local produce, truffles wine beer and many more. My food hell, McDonald’s!

 What dish do you currently want to perfect?

I am always trying to perfect dishes; I always seem to be finding things I want to change! I suspect I will be doing so for the rest of my career!

 What have you got planned in the next month or two?

The last couple of months I have been inundated with work, so I guess taking 5weeks of during the summer is going to be a physiological consequence. I will be aiming to trek up the highest mountain in Italy Gran Paradiso (4100mt), and to keep fit and keep up training for a marathon. Upon my return, MasterChef pop up restaurant is on and I, along with Tim and Tom, will be there cooking and meeting the fans!  Do join in me in London at the event!


Take a look at Sara in action cooking Garofalo pasta.


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