Friday night curries will never be the same again after you have met the wonderful Reyeesa Asghar-Sandys, ex-met police officer & now inspirational Indian Chef. We have asked her whats new in her culinary life, but if this isn’t enough join Reyessa on her Indian Cookery Course with us at Seasoned.

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What has been your top foodie discovery recently?

I am a bit of a knife fan, but have struggled to find one that actually does what you want and doesn’t cost a bomb, so I was so excited to find a ‘Magic Knife’. These are so light you hardly know you are holding it, but work effortlessly. It has clever holes designed in to prevent the suction you get when cutting things like raw potatoes. Look out for them at food shows!

Where is the best place you’ve eaten at recently?

The best place I have recently eaten has to be Golkonda Hotel in Hyderabad, where I had the best lamb soup ever called ‘Marag’!

 What is your food heaven & your food hell?

 My food heaven is great locally sourced food, and my hell is definitely over processed foods such as cheap ready meals!

What dish do you currently want to perfect?

Simple – Making naan!!

 What have you got planned in the next month or two?

I am looking forward to the CLA Game show this month, as well as several other local events, and also Richmond Beer and Food Festival August Bank holiday.

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