March Foodie Finds

Posted on 30/03/17

Spring really has sprung at Seasoned. The snowdrops have been replaces with blankets of daffodils. We’ve been busy with lots of courses and delicious smells filling the cookery school.

Marbled Galaxy Icing



One of the participants on our Enriched Dough course wowed us with marbled galaxy icing on iced buns. If you’ve not seen this technique before it involves adding drops of food colouring in glace icing then without mixing the colour completely in, dip the cake in the mixture before carefully pulling the cake out and allowing to dry.

Rhubarb Jellies


Rhubarb and ginger posset dessert


Forced rhubarb is in season, with normal rhubarb not too far behind. New on the blog this month is our Rhubarb & Ginger Possets. The hearty kick of ginger pairs beautifully with the tart rhubarb.

Cool Kids Cook



One of our chefs, Jenny Chandler, has recently published a cookbook: Cool Kids Cook. It’s now our go-to gift for kids over 7 years of age. A good kids cookbook can be hard to find, and this book ticks all the boxes.

Learn more about Spanish and Middle Eastern food with Jenny Chandler. 

Catton Hall Courtyard


Catton Hall Courtyard is becoming a local foodie haunt. Our new neighbours, Flourish Foods and Full Steam Pictures launched their new studio a few weeks ago. They’re the people to go to if you have food photography or menu/food development. Ian Boden, from Flourish Foods, is also one of our Seasoned chefs.