Jeff Thomas has taught a range of courses at Seasoned for the past 4 years.   From ‘One Pot Wonders’ to ‘Modern British Cooking’  all of his cookery courses focus on classic techniques, teaching skills that will be used throughout all areas of cooking.

Jeff is a versatile Chef who has over 40 years of experience in the restaurant industry

What has been your top foodie discovery recently?

There has been so many but I think my favourite has to be coffee crusted Venison. It is a great flavour combination.


Where is the best place you’ve eaten at recently? 

The Trooper in Wall, they have the best Wagyu Beef. It had an excellent flavouring, which is what I was hoping as this is what this cut of beef is renowned for.


What is your food heaven & your food hell?

My food heaven is very fresh seafood platter. My food hell is braised tripe!


What dish do you currently want to perfect?

 A dish I have set my eye on perfecting is a modern twist to a Tournedos Rossini. A traditional Tournedos Rossini is fillet of beef, fried in butter and served on a croton and I want to find a way to add a modern twist.


What have you got planned in the next month or two?

In my work like I am looking forward to going to Scotland for five weeks to cook for a lovely American couple on thier private estate. In my private life I am looking forward to taking my wife ‘glamping’.

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