How to cook steak

Posted on 11/09/12

Cooking the perfect steak is simple, yet it is something that we all seem to think is difficult.  One of our chef’s Jeff Thomas has kindly talked us through how to ensure that we get perfectly cooked steak each time with this fool proof step by step guide.

First things first, make sure that you can get hold of beef from a good quality supplier – we recommend making the most of your local butcher or local farm shop.

Here are a few tips to look out for when buying your steak:

  • Ensure that it has been hung for at least 21-28 days; (hanging the meat matures colours and tenderises the meat, and you are looking for a dark red colour)
  • Make sure that there is a nice marbling of fat through the steak- this gives more flavour.  For this, we recommend using sirloin or rump, however, fillet works well too.

Cooking methods:

  • Frying pan
  • Griddle
  • BBQ
  • Under the grill

Steak (BOBM) (6)

It is recommended to get the meat out the fridge at least 10 minutes before cooking so that the meat is at room temperature, especially if you want to cook your steak rare or blue.

When cooking on a pan or griddle, always make sure that the surface is very hot 

Add a little oil to the pan, and season the meat just before (if you do this too early the salt will draw out the moisture and your steak will become tough)

Place the meat onto the hot surface, and leave it; do not be tempted to move it around.  You want the outside of the steak to sear, giving it a lovely golden colour as well as helping to keep all of the juices contained within it.

Average cooking length for an 8oz steak:

 Blue- around 30-35 sec each side

Rare – around 2.5 minutes each side

Medium rare – around 3 minutes each side

Medium – around 3.5 minutes each side

Medium well – around 4 minutes each side

Well cooked – 5.5 minutes each side

Once the steak has cooked it must be left to rest.  Resting is extremely important as it enables the meat to relax thus retaining in the natural juices making the meat tender.  The longer the meat has been cooked for, the longer the resting period needs to be.

We hope that this step by step guide helps you to create the perfect steak, ready to wow friends and family at home!

If you would like to learn more about cooking, why not come along to one of our cooking courses?

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