Salmon is a versatile and delicious fish that is perfect for either a midweek supper, dinner party or healthy recipe.  All you need to do is perfect different ways of cooking it!

Here is our top list of ‘how to cook salmon’:


How to Poach Salmon

Poaching salmon is ideal if you have small fillets and you are looking for a healthy dish.  Poached salmon fillets can either be served hot or cold, so great if you want a nice summer lunch dish.  We like this recipe from Brasserie Blanc for Poached Salmon with Lemon Mayonnaise


Roasting Salmon

This is the perfect cooking technique if you have lots of hungry mouths to feed. Roasting a side of salmon, or even a whole salmon, would be a great centre piece at any summer banquet and is often the most hassle free way of cooking fish!

We really like Jamie Oliver’s recipe which serves the whole salmon on a bed of sliced potatoes and and uses lemon & herbs to stuff the fish.

But if you prefer doing something a little more simple – try this quick & easy BBC recipe.


En papillote 

This a french method of cooking, and effectively means ‘cooking in a bag’. Using baking parchment to create a ‘parcel’ will gently steam the fish, resulting in a lovely succulent & tender piece of fillet.

Flavours can be easily infused into the fish by adding ingredients to the salmon parcel. We love this tasty thai inspired recipe which includes soy sauce & ginger – delicious!

Pan Fried 

Pan frying is probably the quickest method for cooking salmon, great for a quick mid-week supper. We always recommend using veg oil or rapseed oil for pan frying fish as olive oil is more likely to burn at a much lower temperature. Take a look at the Guardian’s recipe for pan fried salmon served with curried mussels.



Grilling fish is great if you want to cook 2 or 3 salmon fillets at the same time as they can all be placed in an oven proof dish and popped under the grill while you prepare the rest of the dish. Take a look at this BBC video which explains the basic process of how to cook salmon under the grill.

Smoked salmon

Smoked salmon is one of the most popular forms of cooking salmon, and in recent years home smoking has really taken off. There are two different types of ways to cook salmon through the smoking technique:

1) Hot smoked salmon – where the smoke box is directly above the flame with an uncontrolled amont of smoke. This creates an intense smokey flavour and a ‘melt in the mouth texture’.

2) Cold smoking – here the smoke box is partitioned away from the fire, with a controlled about of smoke entering the box. The temperature never rises above 40 degrees, giving the fish as milder flavour.

If home smoking is of interest to you, why not join our smoking expert Turan Turan on our Curing & Smoking course.



Salmon ceviche is a quick curing method which cooks the salmon fillets in citric acid, either lime, lemon or grapefruit. This is a really healthy way of cooking the fish as no fat is involved! Once the curing takes place the salmon can be eaten in 30 minutes. Here is the Hairy Biker’s recipe which includes delicious avocado & red pepper.


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