Hereford Beef Recipes

Posted on 12/12/16

We were approached by Hereford Beef to write some recipes for them and it seemed the perfect match. At Seasoned we have a long standing affiliation with farming. Not only do we love to use local retailers and produce, Seasoned’s founder Clare’s husband is a dairy farmer not too far from our cookery school at Catton Hall.

Herefords are one of the oldest cattle breeds in England and have produced beautiful, tasty British beef for over 300 years. The natural marbling of the meat means it is full of flavour and perfect for cooking for all different occasions.

Hereford Bobotie

if you’ve never heard of Bobotie before think cottage pie with a South African twist. This is the perfect winter warmer and freezes well to boot. Great for quick weekday meals when served with a fresh green salad.
hereford beef bobtie

Hereford Beef Ramen

Noodles don’t have the be the bland ones you get out of a packet. This rare beef in a fragrant broth is light and flavourful, quick to throw together plus the chilli and ginger kick helps to keep the colds at bay.

hereford beef ramen

A Brilliant Hereford Beef Curry

Beef curry is perfect for slow cooking and serving to a crowd. Flavours are even better when left to mature in the fridge for a few days before serving. Perfectly partnered with a bowl of fluffy basmati rice and warm naan bread.

brilliant hereford beef curry

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Hereford Beef Canapes with Truffle Pea Puree

This is the recipe to make sure no beautiful fillet steak is left to waste; A little bit of beef goes a very long way. Just like the Hereford Beef Ramen this can be whipped up in a flash. Great for dinner party nibbles.



Hereford Beef “Wellington” with prosciutto, wild mushrooms and truffle pea puree

This “wellington” certainly is the showstopper and the perfect dinner party dish, it would also be a great alternative to a turkey this Christmas. Wrapping the fillet in prosciuitto rather than the traditional pastry eliminates the risk of a soggy bottom.




You can find all the Hereford beef recipes we’ve written on their website.