Half Day Cookery Courses at Seasoned

Posted on 01/12/15

If you’re looking to perfect your Pasta Making, Macaron Baking or Knife skills why not join us on one of half day cookery courses at Seasoned Cookery School. We’ve got a variety of courses available for you, whether you enjoy making sweet treats or you want learn the techniques to make the perfect pasta.



Our half day Macaron Masterclass is taught by Great British Bake Off Star Becca Lyne Pirkis. On this course you will learn the fine art of creating and making, sweet & savoury scrumptious Macarons. Also you learn how to make a delicious white chocolate ganache to fill your snicker macarons & other flavoursome fillings. As well as trying a versatile savoury goats cheese & fig Macaron.


half day courses chocolate macarons


Our Half day Knife skills & Pasta Making courses are both taught by Adam Pickett, a lecturer at the University College Birmingham. Adam is an extremely talented chef and has over 25 years of experience in the industry, he also works with up and coming chefs who are eager to join the fast paced food industry.

Our Knife Skills course covers skills & techniques such as deboning a chicken leg & filleting a round fish. You are also taught classic vegetable cuts such as brunoise, chiffonade & julienne, as well as essential knife maintenance & sharpening techniques. On this course you will also cook a delicious stir fry which you will enjoy for lunch.


On our half day Pasta Making course with Adams Pickett you will learn some essential skills to make the perfect Italian pasta dish. Adams will teach you how to make pasta from scratch with a foolproof pasta dough, how to confidently use a pasta machine, how to hand roll pasta so you acheive the perfect outcome,  how to make delicious ravioli fillings & finally how to cook and serve pasta.


All of our Half Day Cookery Courses are £75 and you will learn skills & techniques which will enhance your everyday cooking.

Half day cookery course are the perfect gift for friends or family. For more information call 01283 810 275.