five men on a Seasoned Cookery School team building day

Team building exercises come in all shapes and sizes, from the creative to the physical. But there are other options out there that differ from the norm.

Why Choose a Cookery Team Building Day?

For a great team building event, you might consider getting everyone in an apron and developing their culinary skills together. Our team building cookery classes are ideal for corporate teams looking to improve their communication and cohesion. They offer a place to relax, be creative and bond over an engaging, fun experience


Italian Cookery Team Building Experience

One of the best things about making Italian cuisine is that it’s fun. Much of Italian cookery is very tactile and hands-on. Our Italian Cookery Team Building Exercise, for example, puts your team in a relaxing, fun environment to learn, bond and just have a good time.

Your team will learn how to make hand-rolled pasta – it’s always fun to toss around pasta and get into a bit of a mess – and how to create the perfect sauces for accompaniment. You and your team will also learn how to make, prepare and cook that most delicious of Italian breads; focaccia. And, to round off the day, your team can enjoy a three-course Italian feast, all in the comfort of our on-site dining room.

Your group can decide on the dishes on the menu, making it the perfect team building exercise to improve trust and communication between colleagues. All of this in a relaxed, fun and interactive environment.


BBQ Team-Building Day

There aren’t many team building days that end with a sumptuous BBQ. But that’s exactly what our BBQ Team-Building Day offers.  We provide you with expert help and a range of Weber BBQs, encouraging your team to work together to produce a BBQ feast for the end of the day.

We will divide your team up into different groups, each with a designated ‘head chef’. It’s the head chef’s job – as it is in any good kitchen – to delegate, coordinate and manage. Our expert chef will provide insight, hints and advice on how to create the perfect BBQ food, as well as jumping in and teaching your team members the techniques they need to know.

The experience is all about bringing your team together to enhance leadership skills and building connections between employees who don’t necessarily see and work with each other on a regular basis.


Team Baking Day

For those with a sweet tooth, our Baking Day is a brilliant way to bring your team together for some friendly, competitive fun.

After arrival and an introduction to the baking area, we will split your team up into small groups. After this, each will nominate their ‘head chef’. The head chef is responsible for managing the team, taking care of time management, delegating tasks and generally ensuring the group is on track. Each group has to produce three bakes, with the help of our expert chef of course. At the end of the day, we’ll judge the best group overall and crown a winner!

Seasoned’s Team Baking Day is the ideal way to bring teams together in a relaxing environment. The ultimate goal is to encourage creativity, and leadership skills you might not know are present in your team.


Restaurant Challenge Experience

The Restaurant Challenge Experience is all about putting your team in an environment where they can work together, pursue goals and see the results of their work, all in a relaxed, creative environment.

We take your team and divide it up into smaller groups, with each deciding on their own ‘head chef’. As with other Seasoned team building options, it’s the head chef’s role to act as culinary manager, overseeing everything and ensuring all tasks run according to plan.

The day-long challenge aims to build confidence, leadership skills and enhance trust, leaving your team feeling happy, more familiar with one another and bringing their unique personalities to the fore.


MasterChef Team Building Cookery Experience

Working under the guidance of a MasterChef finalist, your team will spend a day working on delicious and sometimes complex dishes. All the while, working toward better team understanding and bringing hidden skills out into the light.

Our MasterChef Team Building Cookery Experience will teach your team how to make a range of dishes, all chosen by our expert chefs. Throughout the day, your team will learn new skills, work together and see the fruits of their labours.

It’s a unique experience and one we’re proud to offer. And, when it’s all over, your staff will have new skills and more insight into each other than ever before.

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