Food photography day at Seasoned Cookery School

Posted on 20/10/15

On Friday 16th October the Seasoned team welcomed the fantastic food photographer Joan Ransley.

Joan spent the day with Clare, Harriet & Katie teaching them about food photography & how to perfectly capture dishes using food styling, light and composition.


photography day


The food photography day started off by taking simple still life images and getting to grips with using our tripods and the more complex camera settings. The first dish was a curd cheese recipe from our Artisan food course with Tim Maddams. We photographed the curd cheese in muslin, which is the fabric that it is made in. We also styled two different shots, one a very Artisan styled image with a rustic appearance and atmosphere and the other a more simple layout emphasising the curd cheese and how it can be served.


curd cheese blue back ground


The next dish on the food photography day was our delicious stir fry recipe from our Half Day Knife Skills course. This dish is extremely colourful and full of life, we used a stark white background allowing for the orange, red & green food colours to really stand out. On our knife skills course customers will prep all their vegetables with Classic cuts of vegetables including julienne, brunoise and chiffonade.




knife skills Stir fry


We then moved on to a Beef Rendang dish from our Malaysian & Thai cookery course. This was an extremely difficult dish to photograph and capture due to the darkness of the dish and its natural ingredients. However with colourful additions to the arrangement we were able to create an interesting, delicious and appetising dish.

beef rendang food photography


Throughout the food photography day we also photographed a beautiful beetroot soup, vegetables being prepared & bread being kneaded capturing movement in the images. It was an extremely successful day and the Seasoned team have really developed their photography, composition and food styling skills, thanks to Joan. All of our food photography is used on the Seasoned website.

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