Fish Pie Recipe

No matter what skills you have in the kitchen, there is a fish pie recipe for you!  Here at Seasoned Cookery School we have searched and found the top 5 recipes to tantalise the taste buds – from homely & satisfying to slightly more gourmet.

The ‘perfect’ fish pie 

The Guardian have analysed every component of the classic fish pie to create their ‘perfect’ recipe.  Their fluffy mash potato topping adds the flavour and depth that this dish deserves.

Simple but Effective 

The name says it all – with thirteen simple ingredients you could create the perfect family dish, no matter your cooking abilities. The simple seasoning and effortless construction will allow you to make a family dish with minimal fuss.

Smoked Fish Pie 

For the more daring of cooks out there Delia Smith has provided a luxury smoked fish pie recipe. She combines the excellence of a traditional fish pie with the amazing complexity any passionate chef possess.

A Mothers Touch 

This fish pie recipe comes from Inglorious Mothers Blog. She gives a step by step guide how to create a healthy, vegetable filled dish which provides the children with 4 of their 5 a day.

Traditionally British

Want to create a traditionally British Dish? Well look no further, here at Seasoned Cookery School we have found a dish with encompasses all Britain has to offer in terms of culinary delights.

If you want to learn more about cooking with fish, why not join us on our ‘fish & seafood course’.

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