The demand for baking courses at Seasoned Cookery School is forever increasing, so far this year Seasoned have hosted 55% more baking courses compared to the same period last year.

Seasoned are keeping up with demand, however this means that now a third of Seasoned Cookery Schools courses are dedicated to specialist baking. Seasoned have created a list of essential baking equipment list for all you budding bakers!


Baking Courses at Seasoned are taught by a number of different Bake Off Stars and baking experts from around the UK. Patisserie, bread making, Gluten free baking, macaron making are key baking courses taught at Seasoned. Enthusiastic bakers have been learning how to make tasty Tarte Tatins, scrumptious Sable Bretons and fabulously fruity frangipane’s to name a few.



With the continuous demand for baking courses at Seasoned Cookery School, we’ve created and essential baking equipment list for all the budding bakers out there.

  1. Kenwood mixer £99 from John Lewis, this mixer is an essential tool for all bakers, you’ll whip up a scrumptious cake or dough in no time with this mixer
  2. Plastic rolling pin £8.79 from Amazon, for rolling out your pastry or dough, this plastic rolling pin easy to clean and more hygienic than a traditional wooden rolling pin.
  3. Spatula £3.97 from Lakeland, this non stick silicon plastic spatula, is flexible and perfect for scooping, scraping and stirring, and can with stand temperatures up to 230ᵒC .
  4. Measuring spoons £3.45 from John Lewis, a must have kitchen essential ensuring accuracy when measuring your ingredients.
  5. Cooling rack £4.25 from Amazon, essential when baking cakes,  quickly cools your cakes & stops those soggy bottoms.
  6. Silicone paper £8.38 from Nisbets, this reusable non stick silicon paper is easy cleaning and can be used time and time again.
  7. Piping bags £1.50 for a pack of 10 disposable piping bags. Piping bags are essential when decorating cakes.
  8. Scales £9.30 from Amazon, these scales measure up to 5kg in 1g, 11lb in 1/10oz, 5l in 1ml and 175 fl oz in 1/10fl oz increments. All you need when baking.
  9. Bowls & Measuring cups £35 from lakeland essential baking equipment that everyone needs, theses measuring cups & bowl set provides you with all the equipment for preparing you delicious bakes.
  10. Baking Tins are a must have when baking so we’d recommend you have a selection in your cupboard. You can buy the following tins at lakeland and they have a great selection for you to choose from:
    Cake tins
    Loaf tins
    Tart cases
    Cupcake tins
    Traybake tins

Seasoned have also just created three new baking courses covering enriched doughs with Steph Clubb, and chocolate baking & patisserie with Will Torrent. Seasoned now have 11 different baking courses for you to choose from!!

For more information on all our baking courses at Seasoned click here, or call 01283 810 275.

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