Culinary Ambitions for 2014

Posted on 24/01/14

It’s a great time of the year to plan some fun culinary ambitions to make 2014 the year of gastronomic success. Whether you want to master the perfect pork pie or conquer the art of making your soufflé soar, it’s time to grab your aprons once and for all!


To show you at home that all of us at Seasoned are taking on the challenge, we have compiled a list of what we are planning to perfect this year.


  • Clare took up the challenge of sourdough in 2013 and aims to perfect it this year.  With ‘Cedric’ the starter happily bubbling away in Clare’s kitchen, the sky is the limit, with olive, pumpkin seed and goats cheese sourdough on the menu this month!


  • Jo’s aim is to become a culinary domestic goddess this year!  What better centrepiece than a Beef Wellington. With a layer of puff pastry surrounding the beef, its hard to retain the moisture in the meat without causing the pastry to become soggy. However,  Jo will be keeping a close eye on Jeff Thomas’s Best of British Meats course to learn how to cook meat perfectly.


  • It’s time to sweep aside those typical gift ideas that cost an arm and a leg. Our chief kitchen fairy Tania has decided to create inexpensive presents that will be unique, personal and full of personality. Choices may include melt in your mouth marshmallows, chutneys or how about boosting your friends’ spirits with infused vodka!



  • The rise of the food smoking fumes are climbing and this year Katie will be giving food smoking a go. You do not need elaborate skills and fancy equipment to master the art of food smoking; our course shows you just how easy and effortless it is!


  • Trout, salmon, mullet, snapper and tuna; all different in their own way, whether it’s texture or meatiness, we know that fish is a tricky dish to perfect. This year, Martha’s culinary ambition is to familiarise herself with the techniques of cooking all the different fish types.


Food for thought? Here are five more ideas to help you reach your full food potential.

 1. Love your leftovers. Sainsburys have created a great way to make tasty meals out of odds and ends that will save your pennies and save time when you have a million and one things to do.


2. Want to broaden your food palette? Why not introduce one new ingredient a month? This is a great way to expand your recipe archive.


3. Get your kids involved. If you find that your children turn their noses up at anything green in colour, don’t fear. There are many ways to get them to try new things, whether it be from letting them choose a new fruit to try or presenting food in fun, friendly ways.


4. Be adventurous! Always wanted to know how to cook the most magnificent soufflé known to man? Stop procrastinating and grab those ramekins! Sure, there will be a few errors along the way, but with the right amount of patience and rehearsal with any dish, you are sure to master it.


5. Plan ahead.  Create a 7 day recipe plan so that you can design a menu to fit around you and your life. It saves time and also saves money as you can plan your shopping in advance.