Cooking with Schools - de Fererrs

Posted on 17/07/14

De Ferrers Secondary School came to us for a day with 20 pupils who had a keen interest in baking, and wanted to learn more.  Who better to inspire a group of young bakers than Brendan Lynch, 2012 Great British Bake Off finalist.

The day started with an introduction from our brilliant chef Brendan, running through the different bakes of the day.  All the children and staff were excited about their prospective creations, Gill Wildman, the organiser from de Ferrers commented:  

‘From the moment we arrived, the students from de Ferrers were amazed at the beautiful setting of the cookery school and the amazing facilities they were going to be using. Brendan Lynch wowed the students with his skill and expertise and delighted the students with his tales of the Great British Bake Off and his many baking creations! The whole Seasoned Team made us all feel very welcome and special. Thank you for making our ‘Challenge Days’ so memorable; one we will always remember.’

Through out the day the children baked several quite complex dishes such as making their own pizza’s from scratch as well as meringue kisses and choux pastry for their chocolate éclairs and prefetta rolls.

This is a day that the Seasoned team looks forward to as our ethos is to ‘inspire people with food’ and these well-mannered, conscientious pupils made it possible.

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Deferrers School