Cooking with Game

Posted on 25/09/13

It’s that time of year again when the nights are drawing in and the summer blues emerge as we enter into winter once again. However, Autumn is not all doom and gloom as it’s the start of the shooting season which means the arrival of fresh game – widely supported by the BASC ‘Taste of Game campaign’.


Here are our Top 5 Game recipes to experiment with which is sure to brighten up the dullest winter evenings.

Pan fried breast of Pheasant, sweet apple and prune compote, a rillet from the leg and calvados cream

This winter warmer is the perfect dinner party treat with a winning combination of flavours and textures which work faultlessly together. The sweet fruit compote is perfectly paired with the rich flavour of the meat. Both the pheasant breast and the rillet (similar texture to pate) have a delicious flavour, complemented by the deep aroma of calvados, which adds a touch of luxury.


Honey and Black Pepper Partridge with roasted Squash

This would be an ideal winter lunch, or even an indulgent starter. A simple dish, using fresh flavour combinations. Partridge has delicate and tender flesh, which is pale and full of flavour when the bird is young. They are often sold ready to cook by your local game dealer or quality butcher and are available from September through to January.


Rabbit pie with mushrooms and cider

A true winter warmer, this is comfort food at it’s best. Created by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, this dish really captures the essence of authentic British cooking. The sweet taste of the cider, paired with succulent rabbit meat is a match made in heaven. This is a definite crowd pleaser on a cold winters evening.


Pigeon breast with red wine gravy, roast leeks and wild mushrooms

This is more of an indulgent dish. The rich, aromatic flavour of the meat and red wine gravy is accompanied by tender vegetables. This dish is delicious with pigeon but could easily be adapted with pheasant or partridge!


Spiced venison and brandy terrine

This is a perfect dinner party starter, served with melba toast and apple chutney. However it would be equally as good served as a light lunch, with thick slices of fresh bread and a handful of salad leaves. Venison season is from May to October so it’s during these months when it will be at it’s best.


Happy Cooking!


If you love the taste of game, but don’t feel completely confident about preparing and cooking with it, why not try our ‘Cooking with Game‘ course to extend your capabilities and improve your recipe repertoire. For more information please contact us.

We are also supporting the ‘BASC taste of Game Campaign’ by hosting a Wine Tasting Evening in partnership with Worth Brothers Wines. Have a look at our blog post for more detail.