Posted on 29/01/18

The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. What’s more romantic than coming on a cookery course with your loved one. Have some quality time together and a healthy dose of competitiveness. Find out below which are the best courses at Seasoned for couples.

Chocolate making course with Will Torrent


One of the top romantic foods has to be chocolate. Anandamide and phenylethylamine, chemicals contained in chocolate, boost serotonin levels.  Join us on a chocolate making day with award winning pastry chef Will Torrent. On the day you’ll learn how to temper chocolate as well as making a selection of chocolates and truffles.

Pasta making course

cookery courses for couples at Seasoned

Italian food is the well known food of lovers. On this half day Pasta Making course you will learn the basics of making pasta from scratch then go on to make a deliciously simple pasta dish to enjoy at the end.

Indian cookery courses

Indian spices

Chilli is well known for raising the body temperature and getting the heart racing. Our range of Indian cookery courses cover a range of geographical regions and style of Indian cookery. The day culminates in a giant feast where you devour your efforts.

MasterChef Cookery Experience Day

Saliha Masterchef

If you’re a couple who are competitive we highly recommend you come along to one of our MasterChef Cookery Experience Days with previous finalists, including 2017 winner Saliha.

Your skills will be tested as well as a palate test to see if your truly know your ingredients. Cookery experiences don’t get tougher than this.

Still not sure which course you’d like to do with your partner? Give us a call on 01283 711681 and we can talk through the different courses with you.