Barry Colenso former master chocolatier at Thorntons taught our new & exciting Chocolate course this weekend. Barry previously worked at Thornton in Derbyshire, however the highlight in his career was creating chocolate wedding cake for the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge back in 2011.


Chocolate course with Barry Colenso

Introduction to Chocolate from ‘Bean to Bar’


Tutored Tasting of Single Origin Chocolate


How to temper and make Chocolate Shells


Making a Ganache and Flavouring before filling moulds


Closing Moulds and Decorating


Hand Dipped and Rolled Truffles


Decorations and Piping with Chocolate



The day was full of sweetness, beginning with the history of chocolate, chocolatier Barry Colenso believes in order to work with chocolate you must understand where it comes from and therefore customers were taught about the history of chocolate from bar to bean. The day also included tasting session of single origin chocolate.

The smell of delicious chocolate ran through the air in the kitchen, as the customers began to temper the chocolate & make their chocolate shells. The chocolate had to be a the perfect temperature before the shells could be made to ensure the would set correctly & give the best quality end product.


Then Barry taught the customers how to make a delicious chocolate ganache, which they would use to fill their chocolate shells. They were able to flavour the ganache with a whole range of different flavourings, choosing from Whiskey & caramel to fruity Mango and coconut, which they then filled into the chocolate shells and left to set. Once the Shells had set they decorated the chocolates to finish & packaged them to take home.

Barry then demonstrated how to hand dip & roll truffles, the truffles ganache was dipped in melted cocoa butter to create these deliciously tasty truffles.

Join us for our Chocolate course with Barry Colenso on Saturday 6th February 2016. To book click here or for more information call 01283 810 275.

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