Brendan Lynch, Great British Bake Off contestant, has been teaching at Seasoned since he reached the BBC Bake Off final in 2012. He teaches 4 different baking courses which are perfect for all budding bakers and foodie enthusiasts. Fancy joining us? Take a look here.


What has been your top foodie discovery recently?

The combination of flavours of rose, raspberry and lychee. This is a great ‘newish’ discovery and has inspired many chefs to experiment with very unusual combinations which is exciting. There is a truism in the catering world ‘that what grows together, goes together’. Some chefs are now out there determined to disprove it. Meanwhile, we must brace ourselves for some bizarre pairings ahead!


Where is the best place you’ve eaten at recently?

On board a SAGA cruise ship in the Med some 4 months ago! They had a choice of 3 restaurants and a specialized one in particular, named, ‘East meets West’, was outstanding in the quality of the food and its fresh ideas. A real treat and I can still remember every course vividly.

What bake do you currently want to perfect?

I am working on a project of recreating a number of the great French classics, but they must be  gluten-and sugar-free. (I receive so many requests for adjusted recipes). This is a real challenge and there are many disappoints. But I have made some encouraging advances and am learning with each set-back. Am determined to have solved the issues by autumn. There is potential for a book as a number of publishers are interested.


What is your food heaven & your food hell?

Food heaven is anywhere you find commitment and passion for food and its preparation. This could be a restaurant, a farm producer of high quality vegetables or  fruits; or a farm shop that only sells those; an ice-cream maker who only uses organic milk and cream omitting any bulking agents or additives; a passionate artisan bread-maker who sells excitement and anticipation…

My food hell is being confronted by ‘pretend’ products that use clever marketing but only deliver disappointment. For example, the poetically written menu with indifferent service, or the thin veneers that lies behind impressive packaging and promise.

What have you got planned in the next month or two? 

Apart from the above gluten-free/sugar-free project, I am making a wedding cake as a present for some dear friends who marry in August. This is a rare activity as I do not have the time, but I have designed it so that it will look very special and unique. But it mustn’t upstage the bride as the centerpiece, so am reigning in the ego a bit to find the right balance


If you would like more information about one of Brandon’s baking classes then click here! Or take a look at what other Celebrity Chefs who teach at our cookery school. We are located just off the A38 near Birmingham.

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