Get to know when Seasoned started as we speak with founder, Clare Major, in our next edition of our Who We Are Wednesdays. She tells us all about how she immersed into the food industry , and what her favourite treats are to relax after a day at the cookery school.


How long has Seasoned been in existence and what role do you play within the company?

I founded Seasoned in 2010. I now oversee the marketing, running of the courses and the corporate side of the business.


What did you do before starting Seasoned?

I worked for E.On the energy company and then the Post Office. Both jobs were marketing based. I’ve always wanted to work in the food industry. I left London and moved back to Staffordshire when I met my husband. I always wanted to work with food & I set up Seasoned with the emphasis of working with great chefs to inspire people to cook.


What is your favourite cook book and why?

What is a tough question – I have a shelf full of them! Yottam Ottelenghi is probably my favourite author, with Nopi, Sweet and Ottelenghi cookery book staples. My favourite book is a tie between Monisha’s Indian Cookery Course and Rick Stein’s India – Both fabulous books with delicious Indian recipes.


What is your favourite thing to cook?

I love to cook Indian and Thai food, but my favourite thing to cook at the moment is sourdough. On Tim Maddams recommendation I made it my 2017 goal to make one loaf a week and now I make at least two a week – I am absolutely hooked!


As a child, what was your favourite cooking ingredient?

Anything involving chocolate! – I still bake lots of delicious treats with chocolate. I most recently baked some Chocolate and Hazelnut Yum Yums which were delicious.


What is your favourite cuisine?

I love Indian food, as you can probably tell from my cookbook choices.


And finally… After a day at the cookery school, what is your favourite tea and treat?

I absolutely love peppermint tea, I think it is delicious. Choosing my favourite treat is tricky, but I think I’d have to go with a traditional chocolate brownie – They are just so delicious!

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