Behind the scenes: Chocolate Patisserie course with Will Torrent

Posted on 27/01/17

Towards the end of the 2016 we excitedly introduced a new tutor to Seasoned – award winning pastry chef Will Torrent. The courses Will runs with us are quickly turning into some of the most popular courses we run. It turns out there are lots of chocolate, cake and baking fans around!

Will Torrent Patisserie at Seasoned set up

Epic shopping list

The food delivery for two days of patisserie baking is quite a spectacular sight – Over 7.5kg of couverture chocolate, 50 packs of butter, jars of the finest peanut butter and litres of maple syrup. Certainly not a course for those watching their waistline.

All good days start with cake


gateaux opera welcome bake


We like to start our courses with a little welcome treat. Sometimes it’s pastries, sometimes it’s brownies, sometimes it’s our famous peanut butter slice or if you’re very lucky it’s slice of Gateaux Opera.


Prepping chocolate delice sponge LR


As there is lots to fit in on a patisserie course much of the morning and early afternoon is spent baking. Once everything is prepped you sit down to a late lunch of soup, bread, cold meats, antipasti and warm Camembert with a glass of wine before heading back to the kitchen to assemble your creations.

Don’t worry about the washing up, we have a host of kitchen fairies ready to whip those dirty dishes away.


will torrent working at Seasoned Cookery School LR

Decadent brownies


Everyone has a favourite brownie recipe. On this Chocolate Patisserie course you’ll learn about how Will Torrent uses a different technique that produces some of the most decadent brownies you have ever tasted.  These brownies are improved even more with a spell in the fridge.

Make our orange and mincemeat brownies based on one of Will’s recipes.


Tempering chocolate


chocolate flower runouts LR


The idea of tempering chocolate can be a bit daunting. Will Torrent will show you all the tricks of the trade to make best run outs for decoration as well as perfecting the perfect ganache.

Want to learn more about chocolate making? Join Will for his Easter Eggs & Chocolate Truffles course


finishing the chocolate delice LR
At the end of the day you’ll leave in a flurry of gold lustre dust and bakes proudly tucked under your arms.


Chocolate Patisserie at Seasoned Cookery School

Cake for breakfast?


Now you’re home safely with all the delicious chocolate patisserie how about peanut butter and raspberry delice for breakfast?

Join us on one of Will Torrent’s courses to take your baking and chocolate to another level.